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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dubai Heli Show Mark 4

For some reason my server in the hotel will not let me bring up the pictures I want to use on my blog, which rather encapsulates everything about the Dubai HeliShow.
To give an example of the lack of forethought by the organizers I would show - if the server had let me - rows and rows of empty booths, most of which were for companies who had told the show some weeks before that they were not coming to Dubai. In between these empty booths are occupied ones with so little space that their posters are crushed and their magazines sitting on top of each other....
I could also show you a static park with only 3 helicopters in it, or halls with exhibitors talking to each other because there are no visitors - but apparently I cannot .

On the good side there was a press room which had wifi for a day - sadly it broke down on day two. And there were ample amounts of coffee, though the buns ran out on day two.

For me, I was able to talk to anyone I wanted because they surely were not busy. That at least has allowed me to discover what is happening in the helicopter market in the region which is interesting and will be good for the magazine. So, I am not unhappy, just puzzled why a little bit of care and attention, which could have turned this from a disaster into something understandably quiet in a recession time, was not given to the show and its exhibitors.