Flying through

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Flying the Calidus Gyrocopter

Is it a bird? A plane? A helicopter ? A shadow?

No! It is Calidus.
Went flying yesterday in the beautiful Long Mynd in Shropshire, in a recently built Calidus gyrocopter.
The Calidus is probably going to change the reputation of gyrocopters - previously funny little flying bicycles flown by old men in wooly hats. The Calidus is something rather different: it is an enclosed cockpit, fast moving (top speed in 120 mph, which beats an R22) comfortable, warm tourer. It is stable, and you get places much more quickly than before without the feeling of being out in the air.
No doubt some will prefer the old 'fresh air' model but this one with its comfort version was also lot of fun and would allow you to carry baggage.
It is not a helicopter - it is a gyrocopter. I stress that and the fact that a gyrocopter is more like a plane only for safety reasons. This machine cannot hover; it needs room to take off and can only take off vertically in a strong wind (like an aeroplane) and it has a landing run, not a vertical descent. But if you consider it a hybrid, a helicopter-shaped aeroplane that will get you places quite quickly but needs some space, then you are going to have a lovely ride. See the full story in the Summer edition of Helicopter Life magazine out in June 2011.