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Monday, 22 April 2013

Flip Books

I am thinking of creating a digital version of Helicopter Life so I can easily send copies to overseas subscribers. I am looking specifically at two packages : flip book builder or kvisoft. Does anyone know if these are good, or if there are any other more suitable packages available? Obviously cost is an issue and it helps if it is fairly easy or intuitive to use.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Frank Robinson awarded Daniel Guggenheim medal

Frank Robinson has been awarded the Daniel Guggenheim medal for his design, construction and brilliance in designing the Robinson helicopter series. I will show an R44, the four seat piston design here if the stupid internet lets me put it on- it keeps saying a jpeg is not an image?!

Frank Robinson totally revolutionised the way the world sees helicopter flying. What I am saying is not new to anyone in flying, we have known this for decades, but people out of a sector take longer to perceive what is obvious to those inside. With his cheaper materials, emphasis on reducing weight and his real concern that helicopter flying, which is such fun, should be available to all, Frank Robinson started a new trend. He was aiming for a 'people's helicopter'. OK, that is never really going to be possible but I think he was one of the few to even aim for it.

His latest design, the R66, a light turbine with the same parameters has also brought a new sector of people into flying. He is now over 80 so he will not design any more - but who knows if his legacy may not influence other inventors to look at the light helicopter market and muse about its possibilities.

Nope. machine won't let me put it on. Sorry but I guess you know what an R22, R44 and R66 looks like!