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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Helicopter Life Winter 2012

Helicopter Life Winter 2012
The latest edition of Helicopter Life has gone to press and will be out later in December.
In this issue we have : test flight of the Bell 407GX, with its new Garmin 1000 instrument panel; training for the special services; Guardians of the Golden Gate, US Coastguard in San Francisco, AMREF Flying Doctors and many other stories.

Both the recession and the weather are making helicopter flying in Europe pretty quiet at the moment. After yesterday's UK budget, with its revised forecast for the downturn to continue until 2018 or beyond it seems likely that this will continue. However, on the bright side more companies are using helicopters and the oil and gas industry continues to thrive. And, of course, outside Europe and the USA the number of helicopters and helicopter owners is growing...