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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Chinook Aerobatics at AeroExpo 2011

This looks easy until you realise he is actually going backwards.

This was the Chinook display at AeroExpo 2011, a very good display inspite of horrible weather and heavy showers, which must have made just getting to the show pretty difficult.

I doubt this ever looks easy or is

OH-6A Differences Training

This is the OH-6a, the Vietnam War version of the MD500. It has some differences but it looks just the same. When this gets together with the Huey and the Cobra it is going to make a brilliant show - let's hope it happens and the Campaign Against Aviation doesn't find a way to stop it...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Preston Lancs, OH-6A Flight

Did a differences course on a OH-6A today. Difference, that is, from the H369/500 - actually not that many and some of them are OH-6A back-to-front, as it were. You fly the OH-6 from the right side but the 500/369 from the left. Both the anti-ice and the heater are push pull instead of pull push in the OH-6, as to the doors - if you don't believe me take a look- they close where normal doors open. Of course, most times in Vietnam they left the doors off!
I'll post some photos - but the last few days have been such a whirlwind of activity that I don't have my card reader with me and so will have to do the photos at home.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Paris Le Bourget airshow Day Two

The big thing of the day was that Agusta Westland have bought Bell out of the AW609, and will now have 100% ownership of the civilian model. Bell, however, retain the rites to the V-22 Osprey, the military model. Intellectual property looks to be retained by Bell, so it may be this is some kind of licence effect.
Work on this division of the ownership and continuing development rites of the 609 has been going on for over a year, and has now been satisfactorially resolved. AW wants it, Bell does not...

As a leaving present the AW CEO gave John Garrison - Bell CEO a 609 in the Finmeccanica colours. Could that have been painful for JG?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Paris Le Bourget 2011 afternoon

Ah, got a picture of the HAD1-T - looks like it will be an interesting machine and a competitor to the R22. Mind you if The Robinson Company decide not to keep building the R22, it could become the French R22 and have as its main competitor the Cabri G2. That would be interesting, suddenly putting the emphasis away from the USA and onto France.

Paris Le Bourget Airshow 2011 - in the clouds

The Eurocopter X3 doing a display at Le Bourget
Even though it was raining off and on most of the day, they managed to get the air displays done and this was the best of the lot. The Eurocopter X3 doing its thing - lots of fun.
It is a helicopter but one that displays well. Mind you, as we all know, French display pilots are chosen because they are even madder than 'normal' French pilots!! Before I get something horrible in my onion soup it was a joke... really...


Paris Le Bourget 2011, Day One

Tantalising us with windy covers - what is beneath?
Interesting day at Paris airshow: The day started with rain, more rain and rain. Luckily most of the events were able to take place between heavy showers or indoors!
Most important events were the unveiling of the AW189 prototype - which is an 8 tonne class helicopter due to be a larger version of the AW139 and, as Agusta no doubt hope, as successful.
The other big thing of the day was the flight (several between and dodging showers) of the Eurocotper X3 - it was a pretty meaty show with some severe movements both in climb and diving at the ground. Well worth watching, and (I thought) more interesting that the French fighter that followed it.
There were also a myriad of interesting little things at the show : one great surprise was that the HAD1-T the French turbine, 2 seat helicopter trainer was indeed up and running as a prototype. That is pretty quick going for the company, as it was first given a public mention at Helitech last year, when it was just a twinkle in the Alsace Lorraine company's eye!
Here it is: the AW189 - an 8 tonne helicopter

Friday, 17 June 2011

AeroExpo Sywell 2011 Day One Part Two

The Gyrocopter Experience tent
Calidus in front of the Magni experience
Gyrocopters are very much the progressive thing here - with lectures, promotions and suggestions that it is not so difficult to train up as a gyrocopter instructor - nor so expensive. Even given that they are starting from a low stand-point (do you know there are NO female gyrocopter instructors in the UK) with this level of enthusiasm they should soon be increasing their numbers...
Impressively, there are three companies working together on the gyrocopter experience - clearly they think it is more important to get the message out - gyrocopters are fun and cost effective - than to compete with each other.
Good news...

AeroExpo Sywell 2011 Day One

Air Ambulance from Sloane Helicopters
Day One at Aero Expo has started out a bit blowy, although not wet (yet). There is an interesting array of aircraft here though only five helicopters... However, we are promised both a Chinook display (that is a good one - I saw it last year) and a display in the R66, which should be interesting.
Gyrocopters are here - Magni has a booth and I saw a Calidus... i don't think they are doing any displays though.
More later - the wifi here is very slow.