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Thursday, 29 September 2011

HeliTech 2011 Day Three

Day three was a lot of fun, but not as busy as the previous days - it was also very hot - especially in the little cubbyhole at the back where the Helicopter Life booth was based, but for us it was a winning day with a load of new subscribers. That is always good news as it makes me feel people do like the magazine and it is worth doing.
Highlights of the day were hearing that the TLC helimover new version is likely to be finally out next year ... this has been a mamouth in the making and if it really comes out in 2012 it needs a special medal. The Gimbal Cabri which seems to be a winner, in their case the fight is whether the CAA will finally give it certification.
Then there is the question: when will the Robinson R66 finally get EASA certification. It was a good show and for more see the next issue of Helicopter Life: Christmas...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day Two HeliTech Duxford 2011

Lots of interesting things on day two - a presentation of the Cabri G2 by Bruno Gimbal to Cotswold Helicopters, who are going to use it in their school and also sell it in the UK. Interesting to see what happens there.
Also, a good talk on the growth of windfarms and how helicopters are used, complementary to sea vessels, to clean service and keep the wind turbines going, as well as rescuing injured men from the nacelles. Oil and gas experience has been very useful here.
Also interesting talks on the temporary SAR(H) in the UK. For more details on all these stories see Helicopter Life magazine in the Winter issue.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

HeliTech Day1

The first day at HeliTech was bustling with people and helicopters, many of whom flew in for the day. Lots of interest in Helicopter Life, which was good for me, and interesting new(ish) helicopters to look at, principally the Gimbal and the HAD-1T. Looks like I should be able to fly the Cabri Gimbal for an article in Helicopter Life, which is good news. Also, had a chat with the Russian Helicopter team about flying the Kamov, for a test flight for the magazine. Predictably, they wanted to know what they got in exchange - Russians still haven't mastered the art of PR. However, I remain hopeful. Day Two will have the windfarm conference and other excitements. See more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BGAD September 20th 2011

The Business and General Aviation Day at Cambridge Airport 2011.
Very interesting conference on the aviation side of the British Olympics in 2012. Basically, the government have fluffed it regarding helicopters - they could have used them to take VIPs into the Olympic Park, and in many other ways. Instead VIPs will have to take a 'slow boat' and a bus into these 'Green' Olympics. There may not even be any use of helicopters for photography and television presentation. Olympic committees have sidelined helicopters - not green enough but, as they will discover when they don't have them, rather useful.
The the whole Olympic aviation scene still appears to be a bit up in the air (forgive me!) Or to put it in a more earthy manner - pretty confused. It does seem though, that the only use of the modern machine the helicopter will be by the police and the emergency services. Perhaps we in the old world could just take a peak into Brazil and see how sometimes the new world is doing rather better with their helicopter understanding.

Goodwood Revival Day Two

Brantly, the only pre 1970 helicopter at the show
Dragonfly by De Haviland

Goodwood Revival 17th September 2011

Every year Lord March hosts the Goodwood Revival at the airfield - and anything pre 1964 is included. So there are old car races, bike racing, and many vintage aircraft - including this year the Brantly helicopter, one of the few helicopters to qualify.
Twenty helicopters (modern - well post 1970) flew in on the Saturday, and there was a display of five Spitfires - seen here flying over the helipark.
Most people dress in pre 70s style - there were a lot of 50s dressers - and a few 20s flappers. I had a 50s satin dress and coat which belonged to my grandmother...
Here I am looking rather joyful because I have finally got the umbrella up! It was rather a wet day but worth it to see the Schneider Trophy seaplane, the old Moths and the Memphis Belle. 

Friday, 16 September 2011

Helicopter Life Autumn 2011

Helicopter Life Autumn 2011 is now available. See the website: for details or on how to subscribe.

Articles include flying in Sâo Paulo; the USS Bataan support ship off Libya; heavy lifting in Greece and many other topics, including updates on recent happening in the helicopter world and shows to come.

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